What Is The Cytomplasm Of A Cruise Ship?

What is the chloroplast of a ship?

Chloroplast. The Nucleus of a cell controls everything that is happening in it. Just like the captain of the Cruise ship. The captain controls and makes decisions for the things happening in the ship.

What is the cytoplasm of a plane?

The cytoplasm is like the insulation between the inside and the outside of an airplane. The cytoplasm surrounds the organelles and fills up the cell. In a plane this could be the insulation between the fuselage and the passengers. This could also be the air stored inside the passenger compartment.

How is a cell like a ship?

The cytoplasm of a cell is like the body of a ship, it is where all of the cell/ship activities take place. The chloroplast is like the kitchen of a ship because they both make glucose/food for the cell/ship. The cell membrane is like a ship’s gangway because they both control what enter and leave the cell/ship.

What is the nucleus of a ship?

The nucleus directs cell activity and contains the DNA just like the bridge on a cruise ship. The bridge controls all commandments and DNA for the ship.

What is a good cell analogy?

In a cell, the endoplasmic reticulum helps with the transport of material through the cell; In a car, the fuel line provides fuel to the engine from the gas tank. A car’s driver is equivalent to the nucleus of a cell. If the driver does not step on the gas, the car does not move.

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How is a cell like a city?

The nucleus controls all of the activities of the cell as city hall controls all the activities in of the city. 2. The cell membrane is a thin, flexible envelope that surrounds the cell. The cell membrane controls what goes into and out of the cell as the city limits control what goes in and out of the city.

What is cell analogy?

A cell analogy is a comparison of a cell and its parts to something else that is similar. For example, many cell analogies compare a cell to a city.

What is a chloroplast like in real life?

A real life example of a chloroplast would be solar panels. Solar panels are used in a variety of products these days, from phone charges, lawn

What is a endoplasmic reticulum like in real life?

What is the rough endoplasmic reticulum like in real life? Thee proteins on the ribosomes collect in the Endoplasmic Reticulum to help transport the proteins throughout the cell. It is responsible for protein synthesis. A real life example of the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum would be traffic on a highway.

Do human cells have cytoskeleton?

Eukaryotic cells have an internal cytoskeletal scaffolding, giving them their distinctive shapes. The cytoskeleton enables cells to transport vesicles, undergo changes in shape, migrate and contract.

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