Readers ask: What To Do In Montego Bay After Getting Off Cruise Ship?

Where do cruise ships dock in Jamaica?

Location: As many as four cruise ships can dock at the pier in Montego Bay’s Freeport zone, about 3 mi/5 km west of downtown. The city spreads east and north around the harbor from the Freeport zone past the town center and the tourist district.

What days do cruise ships dock in Montego Bay?

Montego Bay is Jamaica’s second city with the most resort accommodation and transport services in the island! Cruiselines such as Carnival, NCL MSC and Pullmantur make the Montego bay cruise terminal the port of destination. Ships dock here every day of the week, except for Fridays.

What is there to do in Falmouth Jamaica on Royal Caribbean?

If your cruise vacation itinerary includes a call in Falmouth, Jamaica then here are 12 things you can do at this popular travel destination. Falmouth Jamaica Excursions

  • Rafting on Martha Brae River.
  • Dunn’s River Falls.
  • Glistening Waters Lagoon.
  • Swamp Safari.
  • River Tubing on Rio Bueno River.
  • Hampden Estate Rum Tour.
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What port is in Jamaica?

The heartbeat of the world is connected to the sea via five ports in the cities of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Falmouth, Port Antonio, and Kingston. These cruise ports in Jamaica are equipped to handle colossal passenger ships and boutique yachts.

Is it safe to walk in Ocho Rios?

Ocho Rios is one of the relatively safer parts of Jamaica. Even so, take extra care to avoid crime when traveling to Ocho Rios. Don’t walk or drive at night, stay off public buses, and avoid secluded areas or traveling alone.

Can you walk around Montego Bay?

It is extremely safe to walk around. There are other parts of Montego Bay that are not the best but it is highly unlikely you’d go there.

Are cruise ships docking in Jamaica?

Carnival Cruise Line Returns to Jamaica as Island Reopens to Cruise Industry. Cruising returned to Jamaica this morning at 07:30 AM local time as Carnival Sunrise docked in the port of Ocho Rios. The Carnival cruise ship became the first to visit the island since it shut down last year for all cruise operations.

Where does Carnival cruise dock in Jamaica?

Montego Bay is a popular port of call for cruise lines like Carnival, MSC, and NCL but also Viking or Cunard. Cruise ships dock in what is known as Montego Bay Freeport which is around 3 miles (5 km) to the west of the second largest city in Jamaica.

What is the port of arrival for Montego Bay Jamaica?

Port of Montego Bay is located in Jamaica at 18.4647N, 77.9373W. No vessels have arrived within the past 24 hours and no ships are expected to arrive in the next 30 days.

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Is it safe to walk around Falmouth Jamaica?

The port is completely safe to wonder around in – It was built by Royal Caribbean. it is a shopping attraction of the typical shops, like Diamonds and Tanzanite International, and other jewelry and gift, and Jamaica trinket stores. There is a flea market type of area at the port where the locals sell their wares.

Which is better Ocho Rios or Falmouth?

Ocho Rios is the ideal location for a broad range of activities, so if you are the type of person who wants to experience Jamaica through hands-on experiences, Ocho Rios is perfect for you. Falmouth is far more historical, and if you enjoy immersing yourself in the culture of a country, this is the place to be.

What cruise takes you to Jamaica?

Cruises to Montego Bay, Jamaica | Royal Caribbean Cruises.

Are there pirates in Jamaica?

During the years between English conquest and the 1800s, the island became a hotbed for piracy, much of centering in port town Port Royal. In most cases, Jamaican pirates of the 17th and 18th century began as sailors or serving in a navy before graduating to piracy.

Who own the ports in Jamaica?

The Port of Montego Bay is owned by the Port Authority of Jamaica and is operated by Port Handlers Ltd. It is situated on 27 ½ acres in the Montego Freeport and facilitates both cruise and cargo vessels. There are a total of five (5) berths at the Port of Montego-Bay.

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