Quick Answer: How To Get From Cruise Ship Port In Mykonos To Town?

How do I get from Mykonos port to Mykonos Town?

The Sea Bus departs every half hour from roughly 7am to midnight, and fare is €2/person. To find the Sea Bus dock, make a left as you disembark the ferry, then walk along the road until you see the Sea Bus ticket booth to your right. The trip from the New Port to Mykonos Town takes about 15-20 minutes.

How far is Mykonos Town from cruise port?

Mykonos Island cruise terminal Ferries and cruise ships to Mykonos Island dock (anchor) at Mykonos Town – ferry port on the western coast. Mykonos cruise ship terminal is located at Tourlos. It is near Agios Stefanos beach. The distance to Mykonos Town (Hora) is 1.2 miles (3.5 km).

Where do ferries leave Mykonos?

Ports of Mykonos There are two main ports in Mykonos: the New Port (Tourlos) and the Old Port. Most ferries and high-speed vessels arrive at the former, which is just 2 kilometers outside of Mykonos Town. On arrival, you can catch a taxi or take the bus into Chora, which is also the island’s capital.

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Are there taxis at Mykonos port?

Welcome Pickups at the port of Mykonos offers a variety of taxi services, along with a modern fleet of sedans and minivans in order to be able to accommodate any group of people.

Can you walk around Mykonos?

Yes! In fact walking is the only way to see Mykonos. Good to just slow down and enjoy the local culture AND people.

What port does Mykonos seajet use?

The new port of Mykonos is located in Tourlos, almost 2 km away from Mykonos town (Chora) and it is where most of the vessels arrive and depart. Mykonos new port is the main to operate for passenger ferries. Nowadays, it is the only operating port of the island.

How do you get around in Mykonos?

The best way to get around Mykonos is the bus – the island has an efficient system that connects many towns and attractions. Chora banned motor vehicles, so everyone walks or rides a bike through town. We strongly advise against renting a car – they’re expensive to rent, and parking is a pain.

Is Delos worth visiting?

Delos is well worth visiting and is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of your trip to Greece. The island of Delos is the conceivable center point of the Cyclades (cyclos meaning circle in Greek).

What is there to do on Mykonos on a cruise?

Find Things to Do in Mykonos on Viator

  • Island of Delos.
  • City Tour.
  • Kalafatis Beach.
  • Ano Mera Monastery.
  • Elia Beach.
  • Windmills Walking Tour.
  • Paradise Beach.
  • Panagia Tourliani Monastery.
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Is there Uber in Mykonos?

Taxis: Uber does not operate on the island, but there are a couple of local taxi apps –mykonostaxis.com and mytaximykonos.gr – both available to download from the Apple app store or Google Play.

How much does taxi cost in Mykonos?

How much is the taxi fare to and from Mykonos Town and Paradise Beach? A taxi ride from Mykonos Airport to Mykonos Town takes 10 minutes and costs € 15. Taxi drivers usually charge € 20 for a taxi ride from the airport to the hotels in the south and northwest of the island.

Can you get a taxi from Mykonos Airport?

24/7 metered taxi service is available outside the Mykonos Airport Terminal building. The journey from the Airport to the city of Mykonos (Chora) is about 10 minutes and the fare is normally 15€.

How do I get from port to Mykonos Airport?

The cheapest way to get from Mykonos Airport (JMK) to Mykonos Port is to bus which costs €2 and takes 10 min. Which way is quickest from Mykonos Airport (JMK) to Mykonos Port? The quickest way to get from Mykonos Airport (JMK) to Mykonos Port is to bus which costs €2 and takes 10 min.

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