Often asked: How To Get Weed On A Cruise Ship 2017?

Can I bring medical weed on a cruise ship?

The answer is no. No marijuana — whether recreational or medical — is allowed to be brought on a cruise ship. The reason why not goes back to the laws regarding marijuana on a state versus federal level. While many states have legalized the drug, it’s still illegal on the federal level.

Can you get drugs on a cruise?

Bring drugs or other illegal items onboard Get caught smuggling drugs, weapons or other illegal items onto the ship, and your glamorous cruise vacation could turn into a drawn-out stay at a local police station.

Can you bring a vape on a cruise ship?

Generally, the use of e-cigarettes on cruise ships is regulated by the same rules as smoking. There’re no special places for vaping. You will vape in the areas where smoking is allowed. Royal Caribbean permits e-cigarette use in designated outdoor areas of the starboard side of its ships.

Can you bring weed on an Alaskan cruise?

Marijuana (medical or recreational) is not allowed on cruise ships. While the drug is legal in both Alaska and Washington, it is still illegal at the federal level. That means technically, it’s not even legal in Alaska/Washington if the federal government chose to enforce the law. This puts the cruise lines in a limbo.

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Do cruise ships search your luggage?

All checked bags on cruise ships are scanned. Passengers must pass through an airport-style detector but do not have to remove shoes; they will have a digital photo taken. Any sealed alcohol usually is confiscated and returned at the end of the cruise, both at home port and ports of call during the journey.

Can I bring full size shampoo on a cruise?

While airlines have restrictions on what size of toiletries you can bring on a flight, at least in your carry on or personal bag, cruise lines do not. If you’re not concerned about packing space, you can bring full size toiletry items including shampoo and conditioner bottles, shaving cream and other hygiene products.

Can you smoke on your balcony on a cruise ship?

If you’re looking to light up on your trip, the cruise lines with the least restrictive smoking policies allow passengers to smoke on their cabin balconies. Carnival Cruise Line and Princess Cruises don’t permit smoking on cabin balconies but do generally allow it in sections of their ships’ nightclubs and casinos.

How do you sneak drugs on a cruise?

There are ways to get drugs on board “ I literally just put it in my underwear,” Deejay says. “I put two underwears on, and taped it to the inside underwear, so if the tape falls off, the second underwear with catch it.” After a lax security check, he realized, “I should have just put it in my pants pocket.”

Is weed legal in Bahamas?

A citizen of The Bahamas must be 21 or over to apply for a license to handle cannabis. Licenses range from cultivation, import, export, manufacturing, research and transport, according to the bill.

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Is weed legal in Alaska?

In Alaska, anyone 21 or older can possess up to an ounce of cannabis for personal use. You can be gifted or give up to an ounce. Under state law, public consumption of cannabis isn’t allowed — leaving parks, playgrounds and roads unavailable as a smoking spot for those visiting from out-of-state.

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