Often asked: How Much Does It Cost To Get To Megans Bay From The Cruise Ship Docks?

How much is a taxi from port to Magens Bay?

The taxi fare from the cruise port to Magens Bay is between $10-$15 per person. Taxis are not private taxis–they are more like big, open-top buses.

How do I get to Little Magens Bay?

To access the little beach you must start at Magens Bay. Facing the water at Magens Bay, head right along the beach until you get to the end of the beach and then walk along the rocky shoreline. Little Magens is a pretty beach and is often sparsely populated.

How long is Magens Bay beach?

The best bet is Magen’s Bay, which has a 1.5 mile long beach on quite runnable sand. You may have to do a few laps to meet your mileage requirements, but the scenery of this tropical beach won’t get old.

Is Magens Bay crowded?

It’s the most average-looking beach, with a huge crowd.

Is Magens Bay beach free?

From its white sands to its pristine waters to its spectacular views, they found very little to fault. You can experience Magens for yourself any day of the week, but be prepared to pay approximately $5 per adult; children 12 and younger can visit for free.

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Does Magens Bay have food?

There’s a concession for food and a full bar on Magen’s Bay beach. You can also bring a picnic lunch and eat at the picnic tables.

Does Magens Bay have a beach bar?

Magens Bay Beach Bar, Cafe & Boutique is at Magens Bay Arboretum. Thomas’s most iconic beach, Magens Bay.

Is Magens Bay Safe?

Though Magens Bay was declared unsafe, Department of Planning and Natural Resources Commissioner Robert Mathes said Saturday that five other St. Thomas beaches are now safe for swimming.

Can you take sand from St Thomas?

FISH AND WILDLIFE. In order to keep our islands beautiful, we must protect our natural resources. The VI code prohibits the taking, catching, possessing, transporting or exporting of indigenous species. The prohibition also includes the removal of coral, sea shells, sand, and other native species, flora and fauna.

What color is the sand in St Thomas?

Thomas’s beaches are renowned for their white sand and calm, turquoise waters, including the very best of them all, Magens Bay.

How do I get to Jumbie Beach?

Getting there: Head out of Cruz Bay on North Shore Road. Just over 2 miles from Cruz Bay you’ll come to a set of speed bumps with 2 small parking areas to your right. Just across the road is a narrow path through the woods to Jumbie Beach.

Can you bring a cooler to Magens Bay?

Yes, we brought a cooler full of food and drinks!! over a year ago. Yeah, absolutely, people do it all the time.

Is Magens Bay good for snorkeling?

The famous Magens Bay is not really known for being a beach with snorkeling spots. However on the edges of the bay, there is plenty of healthy coral and schools of fish, and tarpon, stingrays, and even sea turtles can often be found in the grassy areas.

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Is Magens Bay one of the best beaches in the world?

On the north side of St. Thomas you’ll find a beach that’s ranked amongst the best in the world.

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