Often asked: How Far Is Ferry To Gunkanjima From Cruise Ship Port?

Where do cruise ships dock in Nagasaki?

Cruise ships generally dock at Matsugae Pier, just below the hillside on which the real Madame Butterfly is said to have lived. Glover Garden is worth the short uphill walk for a panoramic view of the city and harbour and lots of tourist shops and places to eat.

Is it illegal to go to Battleship island?

You can’t visit Hashima Island on your own Safety first is the key principle here! It may be one of Nagasaki’s top things to do, but the buildings on the island really are at risk of crumbling, and no one knows when, so the government has mandated that tourists can only visit as part of a sanctioned group.

How do you get to Hashima Island?

Once you are in the city, you take a tram. It depends on which tour company ship you use, which tram stop to get off. All tours start around Nagasaki port so you go in the direction of Nagasaki port. You need a special Gunkanjima tour company to get the island.

Is the island on Skyfall real?

The island is real. The island is known as Hashima, or alternatively as Gunkanjima (“Battleship”) Island, and it sits about nine miles off the Japanese coast in the East China Sea. In the late 1880s, coal was found on the sea floor beneath the island.

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Where is the ruined city in Skyfall?

Commonly called Gunkanjima, Hashima Island in Nagasaki prefecture in Japan will be familiar to James Bond fans. The island’s modern ruins served as the inspiration for the villain’s lair in the 2012 film Skyfall.

What happened on Battleship island?

By the mid-1950s, the 16-acre island was inhabited by over 5,000 people, making it the most densely populated place on earth. In 1974, the coal ran out; Mitsubishi closed the mine, and the island was evacuated. Since then it has become a ghost town, its concrete buildings slowly crumbling.

Why is Gunkanjima island abandoned?

At its peak, the island was the most densely populated place on Earth with over 5,000 people living on 16-acres. The island was abandoned in 1974 when the coal reserves were depleted and it became a barren, concrete wasteland.

Does Netflix have Battleship island?

The Battleship Island | Netflix.

Which island is Nagasaki on?

Nagasaki, ken (prefecture), northwestern Kyushu, Japan, facing the East China Sea. It includes the islands of Tsushima, Iki, and Hirado and those of the Gotō archipelago. The city of Nagasaki is the prefectural capital. Portion of the harbour at Nagasaki, Nagasaki prefecture, Kyushu, Japan.

How many islands are in Japan?

► Japan is an island country which has nearly 7000 islands including 421 inhabited remote (small) islands.

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