FAQ: How Big Is The Carnival Fantasy Cruise Ship?

Is Carnival Fantasy a good ship?

The cabins are nicely decorated and exceedingly comfortable: the perfect place to get away from it all. Service is unbeatable. For a pair of first-time cruisers, Carnival Fantasy delivered on Carnival’s promises of first-rate fun, most notably with its stellar staff.

What happened to the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship?

After the suspension of sailing by Carnival Cruise Line in March 2020, Carnival Fantasy was announced twice for re-deployment. However, the announcement came on July 23, 2020, that Carnival had sold the vessel. She was beached in Aliağa, Turkey, on July 29, 2020, where she is currently being broken up.

Why did they scrap the Carnival Fantasy?

Carnival Fantasy The vessel was sold for scrap as part of Carnival Corporation’s plan to shed older and less efficient ships. Launched in 1990, the Fantasy was the oldest vessel in the Carnival Cruise Line fleet in 2020.

How old was the Carnival Fantasy?

Launched in 1990, the 2,056-passenger Carnival Fantasy is the fleet’s oldest ship.

What is Carnival’s oldest ship?

Carnival’s oldest cruise ship, which is still active today, is the Carnival Fantasy. It was launched in 1990 and currently offers departures form Mobile, Alabama.

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What months are cruises the cheapest?

The cheapest times to cruise are typically in the late summer and fall because of hurricane season, but you can often find patches of bargain sailings, especially during the early weeks of December and in the spring.

Did Carnival retire the fantasy?

Carnival Cruise Line recently retired one of the most iconic ships in its fleet, Carnival Fantasy. On July 13, 2020, the cruise ship was sold and then, not a month later, on July 29, it was beached in Aliaga, Turkey, where now the ship awaits its fate as scrap, alongside its sister ship, Carnival Inspiration.

How much is the Carnival Fantasy worth?

Carnival Fantasy The ship is currently the oldest in the fleet and joined the fleet all the way back in 1990. The vessel is currently listed here for $100 million.

How much did Carnival sell the fantasy for?

If, for instance, the Carnival Fantasy superstructure contains 15,000 tons of steel, the scrap may sell for upward of $4.7 million, based on current global market prices—though other factors also come into play, such as local prices and demand.

What class ship is the Carnival Sensation?

Carnival Sensation (formerly Sensation) is the third Fantasy-class cruise ship operated by Carnival Cruise Line.

What Carnival ships are being sold?

When the cruise industry shut down in 2020, Carnival Corporation announced that at least 13 older ships across several of its cruise brands would be sold or scrapped.

  • Carnival Fantasy. Class: Fantasy.
  • Carnival Fascination.
  • Carnival Imagination.
  • Carnival Inspiration.
  • Pacific Princess.
  • Sun Princess.
  • Sea Princess.
  • Costa Atlantica.
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What ships did carnival scrap?

Carnival cruise ships sold for scrap or to other companies.

  • Carnival Fantasy – Scrapped.
  • Carnival Fascination – Sold.
  • Carnival Imagination – Scrapped.
  • Carnival Inspiration – Scrapped.
  • Sun Princess – Sold.
  • Sea Princess – Sold.
  • MS Maasdam – Sold.
  • MS Veendam – Sold.

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